The World MapEdit

The World Map it's where you need to take care of your character non-combat aspects.

You will be presented a series of text-based options that when selected, have different effects on your character.

Sometimes it will be pile of rubbish that you will be able to scavenge in look for items, or food leftovers that you can eat when out of supplies which could end getting you Sick.

World Map StatsEdit

  • HP: Your remaining health points, can be replenished by resting, using Health Potions, leveling up and gathering Blood Orbs that monsters randomly throw when die at dungeons. You get damage automatically every few seconds if you are low in Hunger, Thirst, Temperature, Rest, or if you are Sick.
  • Hunger: you need to keep finding and eating food (sometimes you will find a random leftovers as text option, but can get you sick)
  • Thirst: you need to keep finding water and drinking it (sometimes you will find a random leftovers as text option, but can get you sick)
  • Rest: You need to find a place to rest, resting also has a % probability to cure General Sickness
  • Temperature: it's not working now, we plan to be affected by day/night and a mechanic we will implement of torch/firelit system you will need to craft
  • Stamina: You need stamina to keep moving to new World Map locations. It replenishes automatically every few seconds while on the World Map IF you are not HIDDEN, as hidden makes you yo avoid SCAVENGER ENCOUNTERS.