Supplies comes in 2 categories, food and water, and are consumed to fulfill a status bar.

A status bar is the GUI element that shows a player's stat value representing it from 0 to 100 and are shown at the World Map. If a <stat value< gets to 0 the player will start suffering making its Health to be lost every often while being on the World Map. If a player's Health drops to 0 he will permanently die.

Supplies can be found as items during dungeon exploration by then means of opening chests, destroying barrels or taking loot from slain monsters and scavengers.

Scavengers are people from the wasteland, they can be any type of #race# and #linage. Scavengers can be found on the wasteland by having an #encounter# while being on the #World Map#. There are different ways to have an #encounter#: 1) Both succesful and unsuccessful #approaching a scavenger to talk#. 2) Unsuccesful request to #trade# a #scavenger#. 3) Directly attacking

Supplies can also be found by scavenging on the World Map. When you have supplies in your inventory while being on the World Map, you will be presented an option depending on the supply. Having food and water will show the eat and drink option respectively, increasing a #stat's value.# When the player #Moves On#, there is the possibility to find leftovers, presenting an option to the player to eat them, this will increase the stat's values of Hunger and Thirst but there will be a probability to get #sick# depending on the quality of the found leftovers and the player's #attributes#.

There are 4 player's stat values:

  1. Hunger
  2. Thirst
  3. Temperature
  4. Rest